Our Water Pump Pressure Switches Make The Difference

Water pump pressure switches are critical for your operations. When only the best in switches will do, MAMCO is here to assist. We lead the industry in providing precision switches designed for a wide selection of applications.

MAMCO has been in business since 1964. We started out offering the best in customized molding solutions and have since expanded to include switches. From water pump pressure switches to high pressure switches, we design only the highest performing, most reliable products.

Our water pump pressure switches are designed to provide reliable control in pump systems. We offer pressure switches that will prevent the pump from starting if water pressure falls below cut-in pressure. In order to restore automatic operation when system pressure rises to switch operational level, an optional reset button is available on most of our water pump pressure switches.

If you’re ready to explore our options in water pump pressure switches, we offer the following designs:

Why are our water pump pressure switches the best? We stand apart as an industry leader because of our:

  • Engineering prowess – Our engineering team is the best there is. We work with customers from the start of the design phase to ensure that all specs are met.

  • Service – Our team of highly trained, experienced professionals will assist you every step of the way in selecting and ordering water pump pressure switches.

  • Fast delivery – It’s our intent to always get our customers their products on time and well within budget.

  • Innovative edge – Research and development is one of our biggest priorities at MAMCO. We work hard to discover new, cost-effective and versatile solutions for our customers. Our products are crafted using only advanced design software, too. Precision matters to us.

  • Certification – MAMCO is ISO-9001-2000 certified.

If you’re ready to order the best in water pump pressure switches, we’re here to assist. Just explore our products online or contact us directly for service. We are here to serve you with the best switches in the industry.

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