Our Pressure Switches Are Designed To Perform

When pressure switches are needed for manufacturing or other applications, you need a product you can rely on to perform and last. MAMCO is proud to present a line of pressure switches that have been designed to fit a variety of applications and perform perfectly in various environments.

MAMCO has been an industry leader in the production of customized molded components and sub-assemblies since 1964. We expanded our reach into the arena of pressure switches in 2004. Since entering this field, we are proud to say that our switches have fast earned the same great reputation that has enabled our company’s success for years.

Our pressure switches serve as an economical interface between pressure systems and PCBs. These strong and reliable pressure switches deliver rugged, reliable performance for a wide variety of OEM applications. Our innovative designs offer minimal hysteresis and accommodate different inlet tubing and terminal styles. Our pressure switches supply reliability and extended life even in harsh environments.

If you require pressure switches, you will find that MAMCO produces a wide selection to serve in a variety of capacities. Our product line includes these high and low pressure switches:

So, why should you put your trust in MAMCO pressure switches? We offer a precision pressure switch edge for these reasons and more:

  • Our customers receive outstanding service from highly trained and experienced personnel who know how to answer your questions about pressure switches.
  • We offer expedient delivery: Get your products on time and within budget.
  • Engineering Expertise: We involve the customer from day one of the design process to provide custom solutions to meet all specifications and critical requirements in pressure switches.
  • We only used advanced design software to craft custom pressure switches.
  • We invest in R&D to discover versatile, cost-effective solutions for our customers.

MAMCO is ISO-9001-2000 certified

To find out more about the MAMCO difference, just contact us directly. We’re out to become your only choice for pressure switches.

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